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Bespoke floral keepsakes


Memory boxes provides you with a beautiful way to commemorate the memory of a treasured treasured or an artwork dedicated to someone you love. The story of memory boxes comes from wanting to savour the memory of an event. So many celebratory moments in life employ the use of flowers to help decorate and represent the joy we feel.So often we cannot then continue to enjoy these flowers. However, memory boxes takes these flowers and turns them into a keepsake you can enjoy forever using dried flowers of your choosing.

How it works

Memory boxes can use flowers you have left remaining from an event of your choosing or Memory boxes can just be made from dried flowers in our stock depending on what your memory box is dedicated to. We then take any flowers from an event and dry them out ready to compose into a memory box allowing you to keep those memories close. 

If you are dedicating a box to someone you love or gifting it to someone as personalised art you can also provide a photo of your chosen loved one. We then infuse the character of that person into the artwork we're creating. 

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